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Relocation often refers to a home move. However there are many reasons people relocate -for a better quality of life, to be near a better school, closer to family, moving abroad, due to a change of employment – whatever your situation, if you need to move quickly, Solutions Property Buyers can help.

You may need to sell your property first to relocate and you have put your property on the market for an estate agent to sell it for you. Do you realise how long it takes to sell a property through an agent? It could be 3 months if you are lucky and it could be six. The whole process of selling through an agent is unpredictable, troublesome and stressful. You could easily waste six to eight months of your time trying to sell your house. Worst of all you may be unable to buy your ideal home where you desire to move to because you were unable to sell your house quickly.

Maybe you’ve already relocated but your initial property has not yet been sold. You wake up each day in your dream home hoping to get that phone call from the estate agent because you are being stretched with 2 mortgage payments. Being in a foreign country and watching the mortgage payments eat into your savings is not a good experience. You could be relaxing and enjoying the view in front of your new home, but you are worried about when that sale is going to happen.

Woory no more, Solutions Property Buyers can buy your property for cash. After only just one viewing, you will receive a written offer within 48hrs. The sale can be completed within 28 days or any day that suits you.

For a Hassle free Relocation request a cash offer Online Now for a no-obligation preliminary offer from a cash buyer in your area.

There are times when selling a property for cash is neither the best option for you. This is particularly the case when a property has little or no equity in it. If you have moved and need to stop paying the mortgage, and you’re unable to sell the property below its full market value, then we can help by using an instrument called a Lease Option – this simply means we can take over the mortgage payments on your property by leasing it from you and you are free from the hassle of the mortgage payments.