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What are the fees? 

None! We pay up to £500 for your legal fees and all of our other services are free or charge without any hidden fees. Even your survey is paid for by our company. 

When will I receive payment?

The entire process is typically completed in 28 days

How much can I expect to make from selling my property? 

The exact amount you will receive will depend upon the condition of your property and the overall situation; we have different solutions to give you a win / win deal. Don’t commit to giving a percentage such as 80%. 

Is there a catch? 

We are completely transparent and there are no hidden fees. You’re completely involved in each step of the process. 

Why choose your company?

We work with you to ensure you are satisfied and receiving the best possible offer for your property. Our service is free and we do not have any hidden fees. Your property will be in the hands of professionals. 

What work do I have to do?

None! We take care of the entire process for you without you ever having to lift a finger. You don’t even have to decorate.  

Are there hidden costs? 

No, we pay all the fees for you without you paying anything. 

How quickly can you stop repossessions? 

We can stop your home from being repossessed in a few hours. Even if your home is being repossessed tomorrow, we can help.  

Who will know I’m selling? 

Nobody. Our work is completely confidential for your protection. 

How do you determine the market value of my property? 

We determine the market value by collecting data from historical sales as well as the current trends in the market. All final offers are subject to an independent RICS surveyor’s valuation which our buyer will pay for. 

Can I ever buy the property back from you? 

This may be possible and it depends on the investor who buys your property. This is something you may discuss during your initial chat. 

Will you buy my property if it is in poor condition? 

Yes, we are committed to buying all types of properties, regardless of the condition. 

Can I stay in my home?

The answer is NO! Due to the new restrictions and regulations from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), our investors are no longer able to offer you a Sale and Rent Back service.