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Broken Chain

If you are selling your property to someone who also needs to sell their property so that he/she will be able to complete the transaction, you are already involved in what is known as a chain. There can be limitless number of links in the chain but the worst thing about them is that when one sale falls through it results in a broken chain, which usually means a delayed sale for all involved.

When you are in a chain you are relying on every sale to complete in order for you to move on. If any sale on a property in a chain falls through, then yours will fall through too. This is more difficult when you are relocating, moving abroad or have another property to move into. If you need a quick sale then an estate agent is not your best option.

You need a cash buyer and this is what we will help you with at Solutions Property Buyers. Finding an alternative buyer using an estate agent may take months; delays in finding another buyer are more problematic if you are:

  • Facing repossession.
  • Have been made redundant or are unemployed.
  • Have severe debt problem.

“Selling through an Estate Agent Commonly Cause Broken Chain”

If your situation calls for an urgent sale of your property, then you really cannot afford to sell it through an estate agent. The surest way to sell your property quickly is to sell it for cash. At Solutions Property Buyers, we have buyers who can pay cash for your property. There is no hassle and no fuss. You will receive an offer within 48 hours just after one viewing. This offer guarantees a completion within 28 days or any day that suits you.

Avoid Broken Chain, Request for cash offer Online Here Now get an instant no-obligation preliminary offer from a cash buyer in your area.

Take action now by requesting an instant cash offer for your property and you automatically overcome broken chain.