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With bereavement comes the additional stress of sorting out the affairs of your loved one. If a Will has been made this is usually less onerous because your solicitor and the executors of the Will can help you with the formalities that need to be done at this time.

Bereavement is an enormously difficult time, even when affairs have been left in order. It is one of the most emotionally draining times of our lives and is always made far worse if there are financial difficulties that need to be resolved. Should this be the case, you will need to find a way of paying off debts as quickly as possible.

If you and your family have inherited a property, there are various reasons why selling it to a cash buyer quickly can benefit all parties concerned.

With so much to do, you probably don’t need the worry and turmoil of trying to sell a house. At Solutions Property Buyers, we have cash buyers who can quickly make you an offer for the sale of the house. This is a much more efficient and economic way to release the money from an inherited property.

As you are selling your property privately there are no estate agency fees to pay, typically, an Estate Agent will charge you between 2 and 3.5 per cent of the sales price as a commission. We will also pay up to £500 of your solicitors’ fees and there are no extra charges, our service to you is completely free.

Tackle Bereavement Now, request a cash offer Online Instantly and get a no-obligation preliminary offer from a cash buyer in your area.

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